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 Dear Well-wishers/Parents/Students,

 Greetings from MESCO Education Society!


I take great pleasure in presenting the Website of MESCO Education Society (MES) that we officially launched in the month of January 2015. I hope that the Website will provide a helpful introduction of our activities to our well-wishers, parents and students. Reflecting our long-standing commitment to learning and continuous improvement, we welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this site.


A brief introduction of MES and its activities:


MES was established in 1977, by a group of friends who were colleagues in school and college. The group of these friends had acquired their degrees in different fields such as medicine, engineering, law and science.

The founders (including me) were most of whom were friends in school kept in touch with each other over the years by meeting at each other’s houses during Ramzan (breaking the fast), at one such meeting the idea was floated that if they could be engaged in some activity to help poor students around, they could probably meet and combine their individual efforts in a more organized way, this thought led to the establishment of Modern Educational Social and Cultural Organization (MESCO), a parent organization of MES.

All of the founders coming from middle class families were appalled by the poverty around and particularly in their own areas of residence and institutions where they studied; they felt a strong desire to help people around and firmed up the following philosophy:

To establish Educational institutions which will provide high quality education on a Non-commercial basis, roped with value based education to all sections of the community /society. The students coming from these institutions should be well groomed individuals with all-round developed personalities, exemplifying moral and ethical values, ready to face the challenges of the modern world”.


With the above philosophy, the founders along with new Board of Trustees established the following four institutes:

1] Crescent English High School & Junior College, Kausa, Mumbra Dist. Thane, Maharashtra

2] Radiant English High School & Junior College, Kausa, Mumbra Dist. Thane, Maharashtra

3] Vocational Training School at Dharavi and Kausa, Mumbra

4] A Chain of English Medium Nursery Schools in the slums of Mumbai

5]  ECCEd Teachers Training Institute


1] Crescent English High School & Junior College:

In the year 1993, MESCO Education Society’s Crescent English High School was established at Kausa, Mumbra Dist. Thane, to inculcate value based education kindling the inherent talent of the students. The school started with a handful of students in rented premises (shops) spread over in three adjoining buildings. In the year 1998 we bought a piece of land (approximately 7000 sq. meter) near the existing school, where the school now exists, but could not construct the School building due to financial constraints. By 2005 we had the Xth Class, in the old Premises. Our first batch of students appeared at the Board exams in March 2006 and we had a 100% result with the topper scoring 84% marks.

The Almighty put us in touch with many donors/Trusts, who decided to fund the entire cost of the School building, and completed the magnificent School Building.

Crescent English High School, Kausa Mumbra is a result of collective efforts and support of many individuals and trusts, who believe that, providing Quality Education to students of our society, is the need of the hour and a service to the country.

Crescent English High School has come to be reputed as one of the best schools in the area. We are happy to inform that the School has consistently been giving 100% result at the Board examinations since 2006.

The demand for first level (Nursery Class) admission in our school is so high that, every year we receive applications 4 times more than the number of vacancies.


3] Vocational Training School:

In India it seems very obvious that in the next three to five years, many people will opt for vocational training. Students will opt for courses that will be able to provide them with jobs immediately. This will also equip them with the skills needed for an appropriate job in the corporate world. Most industries are going to face a shortage of skilled manpower. Hence, there will be many openings for the students who will have the required skills.

In our Society, it has been observed that the dropout students are involved in unproductive and destructive activities as it is rightly said that, “empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. These technical skills bring them back into the mainstream and make them responsible citizens of the country. On the other hand, as mentioned above, the industries have huge demand for such technical skills as there is an acute shortage of skilled labour. There exists a big gap between supply and demand of technically qualified skill workers. We have realized the above scenario that there is an immense and urgent need to provide for skill training to the large number of drop outs who have acquired literacy and numeracy skills to get into some skill based training programme.

In the F.Y. 2008-09 MESCO Education Society collaborated with Fr. Agnel Technical College (a renowned institute in Technical Education) and started it’s Vocational Training Centre at Mumbra Kausa, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra. We are extremely happy with the performance of our Vocational Training Centre. Since 2008 we have been running this Vocational Centre very successfully and every other year adding a new technical course at the centre. In these years we have noticed that a technical skill can bring a tremendous change in the life of an individual in general and society as a whole.

The syllabus of these courses has 80% practical and 20% theory. Besides the syllabus students are exposed to different activities to groom their personality.


4] A Chain of English Medium Nursery Schools:

We all are convinced that if the vicious cycle of illiteracy and ignorance has to be broken, doorstep school at the pre-school level was needed to be set up. The first six years in a child’s life are very crucial. It is in these years that the physical, language and the social development of the child is at the peak. Investment in Early Childhood Care and Education is therefore very essential. With this in mind, MESCO Education Society is managing a chain of 11 English Medium Nursery Schools in the slum areas of Mumbai and suburbs. Children in the age group of 2½ to 6 years of age are the end beneficiaries of the programme. They come from nearby localities. The children from the lower and lower income group and slum dwellers are the main target. You would be pleased to know that the Nursery School programme is one of our oldest institutional activities which was launched in the year 1977 with 1 Nursery school. As we look back we estimate that almost 10,000 students must have received their first schooling in one of our Nursery school premises.

We hope that all those entering our Educational Institutions will derive maximum benefit from the time they spend with us by taking a full and active part in academics and striving for excellence in all that is attempted. We endeavour to do this through the promotion of academic achievement, personal, social and spiritual development and the promotion of self discipline and self reliance amongst the children. Our teachers and other members of staff are committed to a high level of care and consideration for the children.


5] ECCE Teachers Training Institute: This 1 year course affiliated with Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education is started with an intention to empower womens with content methodology, technology and values to teach Pre-Primary Schools with effect from Academic Year 2019 - 2020.

If yu require further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with our offices.



Yours Sincerely,



Dr. Mohammed Abbas Khatkhatay




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